Sunday, March 12, 2017


Hello everyone! Long time no writing, yeah. I want to apologize to you for it but in May I will have my school-leaving exams, I really have to study so that's why I haven't posted anything since November. Hope you understand.
But that's not the point I'm coming with. During my absence I've started a Polish version of 'Happily Ever After'. It's called 'Demons from the Past' and I changed a bit characters' names (for example - Ginger is named Rose now). The plot remained the same. Going to the heart, I'm going to translate this fanfiction to English. It may take me some time so I'm not sure when I upload the first chapter.
Tell me what you think about this idea and stay tuned for more news!
Miranda Shortcake, if you're reading this, I want you to know I really appreciate your support and hope everything is alright with you. Love lots!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

My brand new life (Chapter 1 part 3)

NOTE: I'm sorry for my long absence. A school year started again and I don't have as much time as usually.

- Well, anyway - Ginger said - I was looking for you, Huck. Strawberry wants to invite you on a tea party this evening. Of course you also can come - she looked at me.
- Why not? It would be nice to meet someone else - I smiled. 
- Perhaps I have another skateboard, just wait - Huck ran to the clipboard. 
We arrived to Strawberry about an half-hour later. I've never seen so many people in one place! I was a bit uncertain about talking with them. In Paris everyone could be dangerous (or it was just my crazy imagination).
As I finally found, Huck and Ginger's friends turned out to be berry kind and trustworthy. By the time Ginger asked me:
- Where did you arrive from?
I looked down.
- It's not important - I whispered - Just two words. Black Widow. You heard about her, for sure. Everyone (absolutely everyone!) knows her. 
They were all shocked.
- Do you live in Paris? - Angel Cake's eyes were wide open.
- Yes, unfortunately - I agreed reluctantly - Her partners deported me here. If your friend didn't found me, I don't know what would happen. 


To be continued....
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Saturday, July 16, 2016

New home, new friends (Chapter 1 part 2)

NOTE: All negative comments (like "What the heck") will be deleted.

- Hey! - I saw his skateboard - I love skateboarding.
- Just like me - he smiled - We can ride together one day, of course if you want to.
- Why not - I sighed, discouraged.
- What's the matter?
- It's just because... - I wasn't sure what to say - I don't want to cause problems. It would be better to all of you if I came back to Paris.
Huck stopped and looked at me with consternation in his green eyes.
- Don't be silly, girl. You can't go home, it's too dangerous. Trust me, you will find your happiness here.
I tried full of my heart to believe him but I was still uncertain what would happen.
We led to his house. It was kinda like a tree house with drawbridge.
- Wow - I gasped in amazement - My dreamhouse.
- Go inside - he invited me, still smiling.
'I can't' I thought. 'But he's very kind and I don't want to hurt him'
Then I saw a young girl with long black hair who ran to us. She suddenly stopped and looked at me, surprised.
- Hi, I'm Ginger Snap - she squeezed my hand.
- Nice to meet you, Ginger - I tried to hide my shyness but the girl looked friendly - My name is Violette.
'Yes, we will be good friends' I smiled.


To be continued...

Saturday, July 9, 2016

A mysterious rescuer (Chapter 1 part 1)

NOTE: Once again I want to apologize to you for grammar mistakes because English is not my native language. Ok, let's finally start!

I don't remember anything. Only shining sun which woke me up. I was lying on the beach but I couldn't recognize this place. I stood up but after a few seconds I fell on the sand again. 
'Where am I?' I thought, confused. 'How do I come back home?'
- Help! - I shouted as loud as I could - Is there anybody?
Then I saw HIM. He suddenly jumped out of the bushes on his skateboard. Green eyes and brown hair. Absolutely amazing.
- Are you okay? - he knelt beside me - You are freezing. Give me your hand.
I stood up but I was too weak to maintain balance. Fortunately he was still next to me.
- Thank you. I am Violette Delacroix - I mumbled, not looking into his eyes.
- My name is Huckleberry. What are you doing here?
- It's all because of Black Widow.
- Black Widow?! - he was aghast. 
- Do you know her? - I was little shocked.
- It's hard to find a person who doesn't know her - he smiled slightly - Now tell me everything. What is going on? Why are you persecuted?
- Because I exist - I tried to held back my tears but I couldn't.
- Go with me, you will be safe here, I promise.
I left this creepy beach, conducted into the unknown.  


To be continued...
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Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Hey there! I am so excited because MirandaShortcake recommended my site and at the first time I couldn't believe it! I am grateful for it and I promise once again that when I start summer holidays I will work hard on it! I am very motivated now! Love lots, Miranda!

Last note on Miranda's blog:

Monday, May 23, 2016


Over the next few weeks I will translate first pieces of my story. Be patient!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Who is who? - Huckleberry, Margaret and Suzette

Huckleberry Floix (original Huckleberry Pie) - Violette's boyfriend, master of skateboarding in Strawberryland. He protects his girlfriend from evil. He has brown hair and green eyes.

Margaret Grapes (called Black Widow) - main dark character, Sour Grapes's daughter. She came from Canada. She has black hair and black eyes, her distinctive mark is hair band with black butterfly on the left side. She was Violette's best friend but when she was only 13 she murdered her father Jasques and tried to kill Violette. She is mean, unscrupulous and cunning. She loves long dresses and high heels.

Crepes Suzette - Violette's cousin. She lives in Paris. She has pink hair and blue eyes. She
operates a chic boutique where she sells dresses and hats. She is pessimist and loves dramatizing.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Who is who? - Violette

Violette Delacroix - main character, Huckleberry's girlfriend and Crepes Suzette's cousin. She is 14. She had been living in Paris untill she became a witness of crime. After that event she was kidnapped and left in Strawberryland. At the very beginning she is shy and introverted but every moment she becomes braver. She has violet eyes and purple hair and her distinctive mark is hair band with purple butterfly on left side. She loves dancing, singing and also skateboarding. She's interested in photography, theatrical art and martial arts. She is jealous of Strawberry.

NOTE: Sorry for only one characteristic but I don't have much time because of school and responsibilities. Hope you understand.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What is it about?

Well, it's quite difficult to explain but I'll try to do it as short as I can.
The story is about a young girl Violette Delacroix from Paris. She was just a normal teenager who dreams about being famous. One day her life changed forever. She was the witness of murder. Her best friend Margaret killed her father because he didn't let her go on party. Violette had thought about this accident every day before she decided to go on police station and tell all story. Margaret get to know about it and she swore to take vengeance on her. She commanded her boyfriend to kill Violette but he didn't listen to her and left unconscious girl in Strawberryland. She was found by Huckleberry  and they fell in love at first sight. 

Do you know who I am?

Hi there! I am Marta but I prefer to use my nickname Marti. I am 17 and I live in Poland so I apologize for grammar mistakes. I'm going to high school and I love writing stories. I decided to create this site thanks to MirandaShortcake - she inspired me and I want to thank her a lot!
I love 'Strawberry Shortcake' series, especially 2003 version but 2009 is also good - since 2nd season. I have been writing a fanfiction based mostly on 2003 series. It's called 'Happily Ever After' and my purpose is to present it publicly. Hope you enjoy it!