Wednesday, November 2, 2016

My brand new life (Chapter 1 part 3)

NOTE: I'm sorry for my long absence. A school year started again and I don't have as much time as usually.

- Well, anyway - Ginger said - I was looking for you, Huck. Strawberry wants to invite you on a tea party this evening. Of course you also can come - she looked at me.
- Why not? It would be nice to meet someone else - I smiled. 
- Perhaps I have another skateboard, just wait - Huck ran to the clipboard. 
We arrived to Strawberry about an half-hour later. I've never seen so many people in one place! I was a bit uncertain about talking with them. In Paris everyone could be dangerous (or it was just my crazy imagination).
As I finally found, Huck and Ginger's friends turned out to be berry kind and trustworthy. By the time Ginger asked me:
- Where did you arrive from?
I looked down.
- It's not important - I whispered - Just two words. Black Widow. You heard about her, for sure. Everyone (absolutely everyone!) knows her. 
They were all shocked.
- Do you live in Paris? - Angel Cake's eyes were wide open.
- Yes, unfortunately - I agreed reluctantly - Her partners deported me here. If your friend didn't found me, I don't know what would happen. 


To be continued....
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