Saturday, July 16, 2016

New home, new friends (Chapter 1 part 2)

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- Hey! - I saw his skateboard - I love skateboarding.
- Just like me - he smiled - We can ride together one day, of course if you want to.
- Why not - I sighed, discouraged.
- What's the matter?
- It's just because... - I wasn't sure what to say - I don't want to cause problems. It would be better to all of you if I came back to Paris.
Huck stopped and looked at me with consternation in his green eyes.
- Don't be silly, girl. You can't go home, it's too dangerous. Trust me, you will find your happiness here.
I tried full of my heart to believe him but I was still uncertain what would happen.
We led to his house. It was kinda like a tree house with drawbridge.
- Wow - I gasped in amazement - My dreamhouse.
- Go inside - he invited me, still smiling.
'I can't' I thought. 'But he's very kind and I don't want to hurt him'
Then I saw a young girl with long black hair who ran to us. She suddenly stopped and looked at me, surprised.
- Hi, I'm Ginger Snap - she squeezed my hand.
- Nice to meet you, Ginger - I tried to hide my shyness but the girl looked friendly - My name is Violette.
'Yes, we will be good friends' I smiled.


To be continued...

Saturday, July 9, 2016

A mysterious rescuer (Chapter 1 part 1)

NOTE: Once again I want to apologize to you for grammar mistakes because English is not my native language. Ok, let's finally start!

I don't remember anything. Only shining sun which woke me up. I was lying on the beach but I couldn't recognize this place. I stood up but after a few seconds I fell on the sand again. 
'Where am I?' I thought, confused. 'How do I come back home?'
- Help! - I shouted as loud as I could - Is there anybody?
Then I saw HIM. He suddenly jumped out of the bushes on his skateboard. Green eyes and brown hair. Absolutely amazing.
- Are you okay? - he knelt beside me - You are freezing. Give me your hand.
I stood up but I was too weak to maintain balance. Fortunately he was still next to me.
- Thank you. I am Violette Delacroix - I mumbled, not looking into his eyes.
- My name is Huckleberry. What are you doing here?
- It's all because of Black Widow.
- Black Widow?! - he was aghast. 
- Do you know her? - I was little shocked.
- It's hard to find a person who doesn't know her - he smiled slightly - Now tell me everything. What is going on? Why are you persecuted?
- Because I exist - I tried to held back my tears but I couldn't.
- Go with me, you will be safe here, I promise.
I left this creepy beach, conducted into the unknown.  


To be continued...
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